Client onboarding is about Trust,
Trust is Consistency & Openness.

We help IT Providers build Trust
with a solid Onboarding Workflow 


ConnectWise Manage API Integration powering New Client User and Device onboarding checklistsDatto RMM API Integration powering New Client User and Device onboarding checklistsN-Able N-Central API Integration powering New Client User and Device onboarding checklistsMicrosoft Office 365 API Integration Automated User Sync

Templated Client Onboarding Process

As an IT manager, you know teams rely on reliable processes & communication to build great customer relationships. Our app documents and reinforces your client onboarding process.
Screenshot showing the IT Service Provider Dashboard of the
List of users pending onboarding by new IT provider synced from Microsoft Office 365 via API integration

Real-Time User Checklist

Automatically track exactly which users are pending, and offer customers regular automated progress updates. The added transparency not only builds customer trust in your MSP, but also boosts onboarding rates and your gross margins.

Line of Business Surveys

Work with your customer's power-users to discover critical line of business Apps and processes. Survey client staff to improve collaboration, awareness, and trust with client employees.
Client passwords onboarding checklist completed by client for new IT provider

Documentation Checklist

Improve your process by documenting and validating all critical IT infrastructure passwords. IT support engineers will avoid delays, improving your customer satisfaction.

Regular Status Updates

Focus on onboarding tasks & checklists, while making otherwise hidden progress visible to your client! Use scheduled or event driven status updates to share goals, key progress, and unexpected blockers.
Client Onboarding Communication Log Entry About Missing Local Admin Password for Remote Sevices


Configurable Project Checklists

Customize our onboarding templates & checklists to suit your use case. We can use agreement types and survey responses to right-size your projects for every new client you enroll.

Business Goal Discovery

Survey your clients for clear insights into their business processes, struggles, and future plans. Increase your sales by linking solutions to the client's vision.

White-Labeled Branding

Impress new clients with a next-gen IT transition. Color the new client's experience with your own brand and color-scheme.

Client Onboarding Roadmaps

Align all stakeholders by visualizing your project and regularly sharing key updates on progress, unexpected blockers, and other messages.

User Training

Welcome your new users and inform them about your approach as part of your workflow. This leads to more buy-in for onboarding related changes and a better working relationship with users.

Automatic Follow-Ups

Keep everyone informed with regular progress updates, and ensure that any roadblocks are clearly known and acted upon as part of your process.

Real-Time Checklists

Know exactly where projects are at and boost your team's confidence with best-practices that promote the kind of experience your customer signed up for.

Zero Data Entry Checklist

Put all that data in your PSA, RMM, and Azure AD to work for you via our API integrations, and enjoy the hands-off automated process as you focus!

Automated Documentation

Capture & share the informational gold mine client employees have been sitting on. Leverage it to raise awareness about critical IT systems and sell more!

User Surveys

Inform yourself with all kinds of useful input. Ask relevant questions such as: "Do you work remotely?" or "Does a server reboot next Friday at 6 PM work OK?"

Guided Self-Onboarding

Offer the option to follow along a few step-by-step directions to install your RMM or screen sharing tools where appropriate.

Secure Installer Hosting

Securely host any self-onboarding installers with us. We use password protected links so that no installers are leaked via web or email.

Calendar Booking

A workflow to mass-schedule onboarding calls or onsite meetings with ease. Customers will feel valued while your support desk call volume stays stress-free & manageable.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Security is a top-priority, so it goes without saying that your data is always protected by MFA as a best practice.

Dark Mode

Each user can customize their own visual experience, saving the eyes of those that prefer to work in the shadows.
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